Who we are

Ensemble Risoluto is made up of three professional musicians, with higher studies in music: José Paulo Ribeira (Piano), Paulo Barbosa (Clarinet) and Sílvia Pinto (Lyric Soprano). All elements of the group are widely recognised for their instrumental expertise and the outstanding quality of their performances.

Ensemble Risoluto has vast experience in this area, assuring you of the highest level of organisation, sophistication and professionalism at your event. It performs at all types of social, corporate and business events, as well as Get-Togethers, Conferences, Fashion Shows, Silver or Gold Wedding Anniversaries, Christenings, etc. However, it is particularly dedicated to the area of Religious and Civil Weddings. Live music at any of these events offers a more elegant and glamorous atmosphere, making the day even more memorable!

Ensemble Risoluto puts forward various musical suggestions for your consideration, which will be performed by them at your special event. Nonetheless, each event is unique and as such we allow the repertoire to be personalised and we can adapt to your personal taste and musical preference. The choice is varied, ranging from liturgical music to classical music, covering lighter subjects (celtic, gospel, jazz, bossa nova, reggae, pop/rock, and more) as well as musicals and the soundtrack of the more famous films (download the list available in Gallery – Audio).