General Conditions

  1. Authorisation of the Priest (in the case of religious ceremonies)

1.1. It is the responsibility of the contracting party to obtain the authorisation of the celebrant for the participation of the musicians and for their interpretation of the music chosen.

1.2. If necessary, we can provide a declaration from our Parish, to confirm our integrity.

1.3. It is our responsibility to confirm, together with the celebrant, the repertoire to be carried out at the ceremony, immediately before the event.

  1. Payment

2.1. Reservation of the service is made by an initial payment of 30% of the total amount. If the service is stopped for any reason, this amount will not be returned.

2.2. The remainder must be paid one week before the service, by cheque, cash or bank transfer, or on the day of the ceremony in cash.

2.3 Our NIB (bank account number) will be provided upon request, and proof of the bank transfer must be sent by email to Ensemble Risoluto.

  1. Other questions

3.1. We cover the whole country, and always aim to present a flexible and personalised quote in accordance with the type and location of the service.

3.2. We will arrive at the location of the service approximately one hour earlier, and the contracting party must certify if the place is available or not. In the case of a religious ceremony, the contracting party must guarantee that the church is open on time.

3.3. It is the responsibility of Ensemble Risoluto to guarantee that all the material needed to carry out the service conforms with the contract.

3.4. We reserve the right not to carry out the service if:

3.4.1. There is a delay to the beginning of the service which compromises us in participating in another;

3.4.2. There is a delay of more than an hour to the start of the service.

 3.5. We can participate in outdoor services provided the necessary climatic conditions are adequate.

3.6. The contracting party, together with Ensemble Risoluto, must make the selection of the repertoire to be performed up to 15 days before the service.

3.7. We reserve the right to:

3.7.1. Substitute the musician(s), in the case of illness or a death in the family – always maintaining our standard of quality;

3.7.2. Not carry out the service, returning the full amount paid to date, in the case of an accident or breakdown on the way to the service, with any such situation duly proved.