Music…in the verb to Love!

Ensemble Risoluto is the moment when Love and Music conjugate in the same verb, complete, firm and assertive.
This is where the purest essence of the soul is expressed, transmitting sensations which language is incapable of translating and which reason will never understand.

See what they say about us!

What an amazing voice and musicians…it looks like a sound is coming from heaven and really picks your emotions! We loved it and really recommend it!

Vanessa & João Carlos (3rd August 2018, Dublin – Ireland)

From the readiness to answer our questions and requests, to the kindness and amazing grace while human beings, everything delighted us. We have no words to explain our huge gratitude and describe how incredible you guys are. First, it’s clear how passionate you are for what you do. Plenty of flexibility to meet our musical preferences, what only highlights your enormous quality and professionalism. Second and mainly, you are caring and beautiful people who deserve to be known.
Best of all without a doubt! From the magnificent voice to the excellent musicians, everything resulted in a perfect harmony worthy of praise! Thank you so much…you will always be part of our love!

Sofia & João (23rd May 2018, Dubai – United Arab Emirates)

Very professional and always available! Beautiful voice and beautiful music! You made our ceremony just perfect for us! Thank you so much, we wish all the best!

Mónica & Márcio (17th September 2016, London – United Kingdom)

We honestly cannot find the words to describe this amazing artists. Talented professionals, extremely helpful, special human beings and stunning musicians. We are truly grateful for being part of and contributing greatly to our wonderful and unforgettable wedding day. It was perfect and exceeded all of our expectations. We strongly recommend you and wish you the greatest success!

Cláudia & José (16th September 2016, Luanda – Angola)

You were our first choice for our day and without a doubt the most right!
Always available to hear us with great sympathy from the first day, you gave magic to the whole ceremony and contributed to the perfect atmosphere between family and friends with emotional, striking and unique moments.
Incredible, chilling, extraordinary voice coordinated with fantastic professionals…you are the best and we were very lucky to find you.
Thank you so much for everything! It was a ceremony that filled our hearts!

Flor & Frederico (2nd April 2016, Dubai – United Arab Emirates)